Posted on 27-Sep-2018

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Varkala Sightseeing

We provide one day tour to all the famous tourist spots in varkala.

Janardana Swami Temple
Janardana Swami Temple is a 2000-year-old temple situated in Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram. It is also known as Varkala Temple. Janardana Swami is a form of Lord Vishnu.

Anchuthengu Fort
Also known as Anjengo Fort was established by the British East India Company (EIC) in 1696 after the Queen of Attingal gave it permission in 1694 to do so. Located near the town of Anchuthengu, the fort served as the first signalling station for ships arriving from England.

In the middle of a backwater lake is home to the Shiva-Parvati Hindu temple, also known as the Golden Temple.

Sivagiri mutt
Sivagiri is a pilgrimage centre in Varkala, India where the tomb of the social reformer Narayana Guru. The town is also the place where Guru believed himself to have become enlightened.

Elephant Farm
After paying admission, you can watch elephants having a bath or being fed (and join in the proceedings), and ride a elephant .

Kappil beach
Scenic backwaters, beach and facilities for watersport are available, are locations in the vicinity which are worth visiting.

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